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"Technology is the Means, Not the Mission"  Harvard....

"Everything we do in the SupEd Program is grounded in teaching and  learning.  we choose the medium or technology that delivers the most  effective learning experience for our specific goal." No need for Internet, or Infrastructure such as Electric grid, telecommunication line...etc, we are working on school compound Intranet, offline Library systems and solar  energy solution. Our solution is to everyone leaving anywhere in the Glob. This solution bridge the digital Gap with out information overload. 

Course Based Electronic Library system (CBELS)


Course Based Electronic Library System (CBELS) , is designed and implemented based on course to year or module to year structure of a given curriculum. Each course or module entertains digital resources that are specific to a single course so that it reduce information overload.

Students can easily access selected material of their specific course need. CBELS is now used in 28 Public Medical Universities in Ethiopia.

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 Through a process of garnering permissions, copying Web sites, and  delivering them to intranet Web servers INSIDE our partner institutions  in developing countries and other places around the globe, we deliver  millions of multimedia documents that can be instantly accessed by  patrons over their local area networks at no cost. The eGranary Digital  Library - also known as "The Internet in a Box" - provides millions of  digital educational resources to institutions lacking adequate Internet  access. 


Curriculum based Library system



Curriculum based digital resources:- Our newly developed web based educational framework is currently implemented in general high school and higher education Preparatory School. This application comprises of  textbooks, video lectures (called plasma video), reference and interactive resources. they are  made available  within  school compound to be accessed using wired and wireless network (school Intranet) -No internet solution.

SparkEd Education Solution


 This project was inspired from working on a variety of educational  programs in sub-Saharan Africa over the past decade where lack of  access to educational resources and poor and/or expensive internet  remain challenges. After working with a number of different platforms,  we could not find one with flexibility to add local content (which in  many cases is extensive and well developed) organized around local  curriculum, programs and resources. More...

Offline Tablet


A tablet  pre-loaded with Educational content, is used anywhere anytime. it has all the basic resource needed for  grade specific teaching and learning process. for more information...

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