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Hardware problem Reports


If you come across hardware problem, related to , screen problem,  charging, battery...etc go to our near by support center.  

Software related issues report


 General trouble: For just about any problem or minor quirk,  consider restarting the tablet by turning it off and then turning it on  again. This procedure will most likely fix a majority of the annoying  problems you encounter. 

 How to restart:- Some tablets feature the Restart command on the Device Options menu:  Press and hold the Power/Lock key to see this menu. If a Restart command  is there, use it to restart the tablet and fix whatever has gone awry 

if you can not fixit:- contact the support person in the school/Library.

Network related issues


 Check the Wi-Fi connection: Ensure that the Wi-Fi network is set up properly and working. you may need to request for password from your ICT support person 

Reset the Wi-Fi connection: Perhaps the issue isn’t with the  tablet at all but rather with the Wi-Fi network. Some networks have a  “lease time” after which your tablet might be disconnected. If so, turn  off the tablet’s Wi-Fi and then turn it on again. That often solves the  issue. 

if you can not solve the problem contact the IT Support person assigned in the school /library.

Request for resources


all resources are are available on the server installed in the School/University or center. either connect to the Wi-Fi and search for the additional resource you need or go to the librarian to request for specific resource

Meet Supporting Staff


for further problems  contact our supporting staff.

Henok Tesfaye   +251-923100854

Abnet Seife:   +251-913827238

Seyfemichael Mulugeta:  +251-910055596

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